Guide to the Pala Casino Spa Resort

The Pala Casino Spa Resort is one of the most popular places to stay in Orlando and is just an hour’s drive from Disney World. Located in the beautiful Orange County, it is a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the chain of resorts around it.

pala casino spa resort

Most of the rooms at the Pala Casino Spa Resort are on a first come first serve basis and only the room host can let people in. You have the option of booking a room on a number of different packages with multiple nights of lodging included. Booking one of these packages with your family is a great way to find a package that is suitable for you and your family.

For you to experience the special Pala Casino Spa Resort in Orlando, you must make sure that you are flexible when booking your room. The best time to book a room is on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning as this is when the public is the fitter. As soon as the day is over and the hotel reaches capacity, you will be lucky enough to see if there are any more rooms available.

Hotel lobbies look the same as other hotels look. This means that all rooms look the same and what you see inside may not look the same as what you see outside. Therefore, you need to visit the front desk of the hotel to determine if there are any rooms available for you or not.

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If you find a room at the Pala Casino Spa Resort that is larger than you require, ask the front desk if you can get a better rate elsewhere at the nearby Hilton Resort Orlando. There is nothing worse than arriving at the Pala Casino Spa Resort for a long stay only to find that the hotel can only accommodate you and your family in one room with one door.

Of course, when visiting the Pala Casino Spa Resort, do not forget to take your shopping needs with you. Stores along the oceanfront have great deals on new, used and holiday gifts. For those who love to shop for bargains, the shopping centers are open every day so you can go to the store and spend the entire day shopping without ever leaving the Pala Casino Spa Resort.