Rivers Casino New York – New York City’s Casino

rivers casino new york

Rivers Casino New York – New York City’s Casino

The Rivers Casino New York is a premier casino in New York City. Located on the beautiful Hudson River at the very entrance to Manhattan, it boasts of more than an hour of entertainment including high-speed Internet, dining, live music and theater. There are also nightly musical acts from Broadway and Hollywood.

Other than the numerous fine restaurants and bars, you can also visit the Boardwalk, which offers you the opportunity to enjoy excellent food. The casino has been voted the #1 destination for traveling couples. The casinos themselves host exciting activities that also have the ability to attract singles to make a getaway or summer date.

Not only will you find live shows, concerts and dances, you can also get into shows that include performances by noted singer-songwriters, actors and comedians. At times, the casino may feature live animals, such as lion, rhinoceros, giraffe, leopard, tiger, elephant, penguin, dragonfly, snake, frog, pelican, armadillo, and alligators.

Many of the casinos offer high-speed Internet access. For those who wish to avoid a parking fee, the casinos offer attractive discounts on parking as well as Internet access.

At the New York Strip in New Jersey, the Casino at Ocean Downs offers several quality game rooms and classic slot machines. Other casinos in New Jersey include the Ocean Downs Casino on the New Jersey shore, at Atlantic City, the Play Place Casino in Brick Township, the Eagle’s Nest Casino in Belleville, Ohio, and the Jersey Garden Casino in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The Rivers Casino New York is one of the most prominent gaming resorts in the U.S. It has played a significant role in the growth of the casino industry in the United States. Today, casinos are one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Though the overall number of casinos in the United States is decreasing, this casino is increasing in popularity.

If you are planning to visit one of the larger casinos like this one, you should know the costs involved before you go. With all the rooms, lots and amenities, the costs are very high. So do your homework and ask a lot of questions so that you can enjoy a low-cost casino vacation.